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Helena wins Glenullin 10k

Termoneeny Running Club members had another fantastic week and proved that the hot weather would not stop them from delivering excellent performances.  Once again the club celebrated members receiving personal bests and podium finishes in popular summer racing events. 

I Move London Relay

During a trip to London, Declan Leung came across the I Move London Relay event which is taking place day and night throughout the month of July in London. 

The aim of this charity relay is to cover 4000 miles with 2,500 runners each running a relay leg and passing over only one baton. 

Declan found a new way of sight-seeing by taking in all the highlights of London whilst running a 10k relay loop. 

This will be a new Guinness World Record and the club is proud to have a member, Declan,  who participated in it.

Glenullin 6k/10k

There was a wonderful community spirit at this local race and because TRC club member Michelle Comer was involved in its organisation, many fellow members were keen to support it.  It was a bountiful night for the club with a double victory for two of the TRC ladies.  Helena Quinn once again glided across the finish line with ease and was first lady in the 10k.  Helena has had a fantastic season so far and this was another well deserved first place result for her.  In the 6k, Claire Hassan also secured the top position and finished as first lady in her race.  Commendations go to Darren O’Kane for successfully completing his first ever 10k.  Everyone ran brilliantly considering the numerous hills along the way but it was unanimously a very enjoyable event and great appreciation is forwarded to Glenullin GAC for their wonderful hospitality.


6k:  Claire Hassan 33:37 (1st lady); Jacqueline McGonigle 47:06

10k:  Helena Quinn 41:40 (1st lady); Michael Burke 43:06; Kerry Evans 48:15; Darren O’Kane 58:49 (1st 10k); Tara Montomery 59:17; Michelle Comer 1:10:12 (Tail-runner)


MUSA Parkrun

After completing a tough 10k in Glenullin on the previous evening, Michael Burke did remarkably well to complete MUSA parkrun in a very fast time of 19:48.   This was Michael’s 16th parkrun and his personal best for MUSA remains at 19:28.  Well done Michael.

The Great Rossa Run

This event is always considered to be one of the highlights of the summer racing season.  With distances of 5k, 10k and half-marathon to choose from, it is always very popular. 

This year was no exception and there was a large assemblage of TRC members in Ardboe on Sunday taking part in all three races.  The conditions were extremely humid which made these routes more difficult than usual but all members persevered and did themselves and the club proud. 

Jarlath Hughes, a young runner with tremendous talent, picked up the award for 3rd place in the 5k which had a very competitive field of runners.  The club is very proud to have a former Olympic athlete, Tommy Hughes, as a member.  Tommy came 5th out of 235 competitors in the Half -Marathon.  He truly is a remarkable runner. 

Well done to Jarlath, Tommy and everyone who took part in this meticulously well organised event. 

Half-Marathon Results

Tommy Hughes 1:24:48 (5th place); Damien O’Boyle 1:46:27; Kieran Henry 2:03:47; James McNally 2:03:48; Gerard Henry 2:08:17.

10k Results

Gerard Hasson 52:13; Eamon McAteer 52:13; Shaun Dillon 52:32; Claire Hassan 52:52; Kirsty McGarvey 53:28; Phelim Mulholland 1:02:57.

5k Results

Jarlath Hughes 17:18 (3rd place); Declan Leung 22:45; Tara Montgomery 26:01 PB; Emma Leung 27:32 PB; Sean Smith 27:46; Anne McGarvey 32:30; Jacqueline McGonigle 33:10; Anne Breen 33:07.

Upcoming Fixture

The Aspire Health 5k will take place on Thursday 12th July at 9:30am in Polepatrick Park, Magherafelt.  Registration opens at 09.00am. This race is being organised by Termoneeny members and will profit the worthy Mid Ulster Dementia Support Group.