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Running Methods

Pose Method® LogoPOSE Method

The Pose Method promotes forefoot striking. It will take a few weeks to learn and be prepared for stiff calves for the first few weeks. Many people swear by forefoot striking as a way to reduce running injuries. You can learn more on the POSE Method website.

Running BarefootBarefoot Running

Humans were running way before shoes were invented so running barefoot must be more natural? Barefoot running definitely promotes frontfoot striking because its almost impossible to heel strike when running barefoot. Try it! It you want to learn more the Running Barefoot site is a good resource.

Jeff Galloway

The Jeff Galloway method is a good way to get started running because it promotes a run walk method. You run a bit and walk about, which can help with motivation. See Jeff’s website for more details.


Chi Running

Chi running is another front to mid footstriking style taught by Danny Dyer. It is slightly different than the POSE method and may suit some people better, whilst for others the POSE method will be better. Learn more at the Chi Running site.

Marathon Training

Hal Higdon

Hal Higdon’s program is very popular amongst the marathon running community. His website is packed full of resources to help you run your first (and subsequent) marathons. Learn more on Hal’s website.

RunnersWorldRunners World

Runners World is generally a good resource for marathon training programs. Many of these programs are free and cover everything from the beginner to the seasoned runner. Check the Runners World website for more details.